About the Company

ZPR Miropasz M. Wiczynski deals with the processing of poultry animal by-products (ABP), which are then used to manufacture fat and processed animal products (PAP).

Production takes place at two plants located in Lesna Street, Mirowice 4, near Grojec, and Lesna Street 13 in Krasnystaw. The good location of the facilities allows very fast processing of raw materials received from our customers and thus assures a very high quality of our final products.

Raw material processed at our plant is a material of low risk category number 3, which does not pose a health risk to humans or animals. Our factory has been approved by the appropriate district veterinary doctors for processing of low risk category number 3 ABP.

Our company conducts HACCP quality control system, which ensures a constant high level quality of PAP and fat according to the requirements of customers and prevents contamination of PAP and fat with foreign bodies (glass, metal, stone, wood and others) and molds during production, storage, and transport.

Our long-term clients are the world's largest operators of pet food and feed industry.

We have GMP+ Certificate for Mirowice and Krasnystaw plants and as well as for our tanks for transporting feed fats.

We are a member of SEDEX and follow the ETI Base Code of Ethics.

Our Offer

  • Poultry PAP, stabilized,
  • Meat and bone PAP, stabilized,
  • Feather PAP, stabilized,
  • Poultry fat, stabilized.